feeling entwined

I'm home sweet home in the fabulous state of Iowa. Today is my first day back, and so far it has been delightful (click here for this morning's grocery adventures). I'm looking forward to seeing friends (and their hubbies and babies) and hanging out with my family. And, of course, I will try to write a bunch of papers and read a bunch of books. One more month of graduate school! I can hardly believe it.

One of my favorite things to do when I'm back is go for long walks out in the country and take deep breaths. Today I came across the coolest plant! I wish I knew what kind of plant it was; my only good plant description is: it was very viney. And all the vines were entwined (did you know that intwined is a correct alternate spelling? I just learned that when I checked dictionary.com). Here are some pictures of this mysterious winding plantlife.

Looking at these plants up close got me thinking about my own habits of entwinment (yes, that is a made-up word). Whether it is a book or a friendship or a relationship or a situation, sometimes I have a tendancey to become overly entwined. So I've been trying to avoid that tendancy over the last few years. The actual definition of the verb entwine is: to become twisted, interlaced, or interwoven. I've been trying to ponder whether there is anything in life with which it is safe to become entwined. What do you think? What are the life sources you wrap yourself around most tightly?


  1. That is a beautiful plant.
    I too intertwine myself into my books, etc...

  2. Love the walking and breathing thing. Also LOVE the pretty leaf picture on your blog title. Fantabulous!