Enough with the serious stuff.

Time for a 5 minute dance party. You know you want to! Crank up your favorite song and dance, dance, dance! My day was bizarro; how about yours? Time to dance it off!

Also, the hour as now arrived for everyone's favorite feature: "5 wonderfully random things that just popped into our heads"!

My turn to 'Ready, Set, Go':

1) avocado on top of soup
2) mistakes
3) strange friends
4) pepper
5) the sun

OKAY! Your turn. Seriously! If you're reading, you have to comment with at LEAST one wonderfully random thing that just popped into your head! It's good for your heart. Ready? Your turn to 'Ready, Set, Go'!


  1. You are such a diligent blogger. and i'm glad b/c your blog makes me happy

  2. Well, if I *have* to . . .

    1. bedtime snacks
    2. bedtime!
    3. friends coming to visit
    4. a growing baby bump
    5. bean and jalapeno tamales

  3. 1 hungry - good thing lunch is soon
    2 petting my cat
    3 dc - cherry blossom fest (here i come lol)
    4 miss new mexico
    5 sure could use a nap

  4. ooo fun:
    1. Cooing from babies---it;s what Mr. Benen River is doing right now (wonder what he's saying...maybe he is saying his random things like: what is the funny thing hanging over my head (toy), I wish I could poop, how come my arms and legs NEVER stop moving...you know...baby things)
    2. Kyrie Eleison...the Mr. Mister version...makes me think of summer :)
    3. oatmeal chocolate chip cookies
    4. Marilyn Kelly...because she is the most fun 22 month old! Seriously come play with her and see ;)
    5. black forest lattes...I really want to try one. I have the espresso, espresso maker, and frothed milk, now I just need cherry syrup...mmmm

    For the record, one of my "things to do in life" is to the see the Cherry Blossoms "in bloom" in DC. I love them both. Enjoy Melita!

  5. Whoo-hoo! Such fabulous responses! Thanks ladies. :) You are all so wonderful.

  6. woohoo!! dance party!

    random things:
    1. cat naps
    2. pickles
    3. snail mail
    4. Paris
    5. peace