The miracle of people.

My time in Iowa continues to fill my heart with plenty of warm fuzzies. Although that phrase (warm fuzzies) proves a point from the book I am reading for my seminary class on global climate change. The book (The Weather Makers) makes the point that people associate 'warmth' with positive emotions and experiences, and they are therefore inclined to take 'global warming' less seriously than it really needs to be taken. So, with that in mind, I will rephrase: "My time in Iowa continues to fill my heart with gladness."

Today my mom got off work early and we painted wine glasses together. Here are some pictures. Mine are the wacky ones and hers are the beautiful ones.

I'll be here in Iowa for a bit longer, but I am running out of time to see friends and family. So I know I won't get to visit all the lovely people I'd wish to visit. Also, I have done about 1/300th of the homework assigned for this blessed "Reading Week." I really need to get to all that. But knowing that I could be a ways away from here in just a few short months reminds me that I really need to soak in each and every moment with friends and family. That is definitely my priority while I'm here. I got to see a college pal and her 17-month-old baby this evening. So fun. I really think people are just the most amazing thing! People of all ages! What a miracle, huh? Life!

Here's a sunset picture from the backyard last night.

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  1. Thanks for the kind comment on my blog! Its good to hear that people enjoy "God's close-up" episode on This American Life! and we are thrilled that you chose that to show your classmates! Ben should have his web sight up in a few days. Anyway, your posts on your blog are very inspiring! your photos as well! it's true that I accociate warmth with good experiences, Sunshine makes me happy!! I hope you enjoy the rest of your time in Iowa! and congrats on your graduation!!