5 wonderfully fabulous things...

Remember last week? We all took a quick second to think of 5 things we loved at that very moment about life. I think this will be a new Sunday feature. It was so fun to hear your different responses! It reminded me that there are so many thing in life to appreciate. So, here are the 5 fabulous things that just popped into my head (followed by some pictures from the park this afternoon). If you are reading this, that means it's your turn next. What are 5 fabuous things you love right now? Don't be shy. :) Can't wait to see your responses, friends.

1. Bird nests
2. Brown rice
3. The movie "Talk to Her" (just watched it this weekend)
4. Pages of paper
5. Juice of almost any kind


  1. 1) My deaf cat Toby's extremely loud purr

    2) the first day of sandals in spring time

    3) a big bowl of ice cream

    4) getting your hair cut

    5) sleeping in

  2. 1) juice (I couldn't stop myself from buying 2 different kinds at the store today - I so agree!)
    2) mango (just had it in a tropical fruit salad - YUM
    3) flip flops, pink
    4) letting my feet dangle
    5) a good handshake

  3. 1) when people are free to imagine themselves in a Bible story and have fun being creative acting it out

    2) ordinations of dear friends

    3) intimate evening prayer services

    4) pomegranite juice

    5) music by Jars of Clay

  4. 1. Walks to the park with my son and dog.
    2. Curling up in a sunny patch.
    3. Seeing the neighborhood bustle on a warm late winter day after a harsh winter.
    4. Fresh cut flowers.
    5. Moments of synchronicity.

  5. 1. Feeling the baby move
    2. Oatmeal with too much brown sugar
    3. Grapefruit juice
    4. Checking things off my to do list
    5. Lunch dates

  6. Thanks friends! I really enjoy reading about what you love!