"that song is singing, singing into me"

Lately, it feels as if a new song is invading my heart, body, and mind. The band The Cinematic Orchestra has a great song, "Breathe" and its lyrics seem to be a good fit for my 'journeying song' these days. Here are some of the lyrics:

Oh that song is singing
Singing to me
Over everything I used to be

It is surely a time of transition in my life and a time of preparation. I am aware of God's presence and activity in ways I haven't ever been before; it is exciting and sort of scary. Well, not 'sort of' scary. 'Completely frightening' would be more appropriate.

As one who loves all things planned and expected, I am entering uncharted territory. This whole "first call process" is teaching me a lesson that I am realizing I probably could NOT have learned any other way - and that lesson is: I am not in charge. The Spirit is actively moving and blowing around and paving new paths; I am called to be part of this journey, but I am not called to micromanage every detail of it. *Deep breath*

Perhaps most surprising, I am starting to realize that there is something ever so slightly beautiful about the unknown. The moments I am living in now feel quite precious; they are a strange sort of treasure. Without any idea where I will be 6 months from now, what else might I do but fully embrace the people and experiences and places in my life right now? And the truth is, none of us have a clue what our lives will be like in 6 months - so we are all charged with the same mission as described by Sallie McFague in "The Body of God":

Perhaps this is the way that we see the presence of God in the world are are nurtured and renewed by it...by paying attention, listening to, learning about the specialness, the difference, the detail of the "wonderful life" of which we are a part.
May we all be so enamored with God's presence all about us that we are the human embodiment of justice, mercy, and love.

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  1. YIPPY for blogging! I dont' think it is cheesy! I love it. Keep the updates coming!
    Lindsey Kluver