Innermost Stirrings

"If a person cannot trust his or her innermost stirrings, then we are all captive to the voices of others with no ability to plumb our own internal depths and discover therein what we know to be true."

- by Mark Wallace in "Finding God in the Singing River"

I have been pondering these words ever since I read them last week. The idea of being captive to the voices of others is haunting to me. This is probably because I am all too aware of how often I find it impossible to trust my own "innermost stirrings" and how easy it can be to be led by the voices of others. This needs to change and is changing. A growing process.

A recent podcast episode of "Street Stories" (for 1/3/2009) is filled with stories of young people in Iraq doing anything BUT remaining captive to the voices of others. It is well-worth listening to. Snippets of the diaries of inspiring individuals age 15-25 living in environments I find impossible to imagine. They are articulate, brave, and witty - unafraid to pave their own way and chart their own course.

It seems the first step to trusting one's innermost stirrings is to define them. To name them. To claim them. To seek out God's voice within those stirrings. Goal #1: Articulate my innermost stirrings.

In a related prayer: God, please speak loudly and clearly in this process - because I am easily distracted.

"The Voice Within" by Irving Amen

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