highlights of a frigid day

"The Birth of Beauty" by Giorgio Vaselli

It's really cold outside today. And tomorrow will be even chillier. It's a good thing I'm working on embracing winter; otherwise I might complain about these sub-zero temperatures.

Today was quite great for a variety of reasons.
-i fell in love with process theology again
-i was reminded that first impressions are often wrong
-great sale on wine
-discovered several more great podcasts: tranquility du jour, this i believe, & kexp music that matters
-deep and meaningful j-term class conversation
- reminded of the beauty and power of genuine friendships
-lots of silly laughter

Things I'm pondering today:

"We are all made of the ashes of dead stars" - by John Polkinghorne

Maybe it seems like a downer of a quote at first glance, but it's taken from one of Polkinghorne's writings on the story of the big bang and all that happened after. We are discussing the complex and fruitful relationship between science and religion in my j-term class. It's wonderful; and I'm really on-board. This particular idea - all life on earth stemming from the ashes of dead stars - I just can't stop thinking about it; it's beautiful. It reminds me of the amazing way life just keeps going and going and going. Developing and changing and morphing. And God is active in all of it. It's boggles my brain in my favorite sort of way. I love when thoughts are so big they make me dizzy.

"Good night God.
I hope you are having a good time being the world" - by Danu Baxter, age 4-and-a-half

This is from a much larger poem/letter to God that introduces a chapter of "The Body of God" which I'm reading for class. I don't know why it is speaking so loudly to me today, but it is.

I feel like myself today. The self who has valid opinions and thoughts and perspectives and isn't afraid. The self who doesn't constantly ask permission and apologize for everything. The self who trusts her gut and knows she deserves more than she often settles for. The self who is determined to do good work and service in the world with all she has been given. And for the first time in a very long time, I feel okay with myself regardless what the world or any particular person thinks. It's a strange feeling. I think maybe I haven't felt it for years. Or maybe ever. But it feels healthy. And real. I am thankful.

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