The Book of Acts

Join me this month for a journey through the biblical book of Acts!
Here's a column all about it.

Link: https://www.postbulletin.com/life/lifestyles/read-a-book-of-mystery-movement-excitement/article_d1dcb436-f9c2-11e9-8545-c3aac0f38594.html

During the month of November, as we read the book of Acts, I’ll be experimenting with a technique called the Swedish Marking Method. This style of study involves drawing symbols in the margins of your Bible.

One candle: This is a new idea, insight or understanding for me.
Two candles: This is a verse or concept I want to remember.
An arrow: This is a key idea of special significance.
A question mark: This is something I don’t understand and desire to explore further.

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